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An Organised Workspace

An organised desk / workspace = released creativity in my case. How about you?

Are you the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by lots of your favourite things? If you are, and it never feels overwhelming, then that is great! Some people are happy with that but others, myself included, can’t function very well with a few too many things on our desks, or in our immediate surroundings.

I must admit, from a personal viewpoint, as soon as I’ve removed the clutter – even if it’s just that pile of papers that have been waiting to be scanned, filed, shredded or recycled – getting rid of it instantly makes me take a deep breath and release some pent-up stress (that I often didn’t realise was even there!).

What are your thoughts? Are you a happy clutter-bug or more of a minimalist? There is no right or wrong – you do what’s right for you!

Gill x