Books We Love To Read And Recommend

You’ll find books we love to read and recommend here, related to our niche: simple living, decluttering, living with less, improving our quality of life, organising, and anything related to the effects of clutter. If you’re interested in similar things, we would recommend checking out some of these books. We’ll be updating the list on an ongoing basis. Books We Love – Brief Summaries Things That Matter by Joshua Becker. As one half of The […]

Three Bags Full – Where Do You Donate Your Unwanted Stuff?

After a recent decluttering session, I had three bags full of clothes, toiletries and household items, and I was wondering where to take it. Where do you donate your unwanted stuff? Do you always donate to charity shops? I must admit I normally do, but on this occasion I just felt the need to do something different with it. So I checked for local refuges and rang around to see who would take my items […]

Decorating Time: Have You Tried Buying Your Paint Online?

If it’s decorating time, have you thought about buying your paint online, or have you already tried it? Did you know you can order your paint online at Designer Paint and have it delivered direct to your door?  You’ll be saving time and it’s cost effective. Plus, there’ll also be no more lifting heavy tins of paint in and out of the car, or even worse, carrying them on public transport! What’s not to love? […]

About PerfectlyOrganised: Then And Now, How And Why

About PerfectlyOrganised: then and now, how it all began, and why. Here at PerfectlyOrganised we believe in ridding ourselves of the unnecessary things in our lives, so that we can surround ourselves only with things we love. PerfectlyOrganised: Declutter. Organise. Breathe. Our tagline – declutter, organise, breathe – sums up our attitude to the clutter we live with on a daily basis, be that physical or emotional. Since its inception in 2004, when PerfectlyOrganised was set […]