Our Amazon Wishlist: We Hope You Find It Useful

Our Amazon Wish List is a place for us to share products that we already use and love, and a few very useful additions that we have yet to enjoy (mostly recommended to us by friends and family). Are you kitting out your home office, or do you just want to be […]

Books We Love To Read And Recommend

You’ll find books we love to read and recommend here, related to our niche: simple living, decluttering, living with less, improving our quality of life, organising, and anything related to the effects of clutter. If you’re interested in similar things, we would recommend checking out some of these books. We’ll […]

Three Bags Full – Where Do You Donate Your Unwanted Stuff?

After a recent decluttering session, I had three bags full of clothes, toiletries and household items, and I was wondering where to take it. Where do you donate your unwanted stuff? Do you always donate to charity shops? I must admit I normally do, but on this occasion I just […]

Simple White or Colourful Crockery: What’s Your Choice?

What’s your preference between simple white or colourful crockery? Do you like an eclectic mix of plates, cups and bowls, or lots of colour and pattern? For me, I love white crockery – it’s so clean and simple, plus it matches any colour scheme. I must admit I like everything […]

Tidy Desk = Tidy Mind. Or Is That A Misconception?

Does a tidy desk equal a tidy mind, or is that a misconception and generalisation? In my case, an organised desk or workspace leads to released creativity, but that’s not the case for everyone. How about you? Are you the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by lots […]

Decorating Time: Have You Tried Buying Your Paint Online?

If it’s decorating time, have you thought about buying your paint online, or have you already tried it? Did you know you can order your paint online at Designer Paint and have it delivered direct to your door?  You’ll be saving time and it’s cost effective. Plus, there’ll also be […]