How to Make a Stand Against Fast Fashion With Preworn

If the effects of fast fashion trouble you and you’d like to do more in the fight against climate change, consider making a stand against it by buying your fashion from Preworn. Preworn’s mission is to help clean up the fashion industry, by making sustainable fashion available to everyone. When […]

10 Simple Daily Pleasures & They’re All Free

Here are 10 simple daily pleasures, things we can hopefully all choose to enjoy and appreciate, and best of all – they’re all free. What would you add? We’d love if you share this on social media 😊 – speaking of which, are you following us on Pinterest? Click here […]

Decluttering Pt 1: Some of the Important Ways it Can Benefit Us

What is decluttering and what are some of the important ways it can benefit us? Decluttering, in a nutshell, is the process of ridding ourselves of unnecessary items in our lives. It isn’t just about removing physical items though. We also need to remove digital clutter, and people who may […]

Have You Heard Of The 80/20 Rule For Decluttering?

There are many different methods for decluttering, but have you heard of the 80/20 rule? You can use this to declutter the things that matter most, the things that cause you the most stress. Busy Bees Stop Here! What’s The 80/20 Rule? Life can be extremely busy, and living in […]

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products With Us

Would you like to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products with us? They’re surprisingly easy to make and very cheap! If you don’t already make your own, why not give it a try? After starting PerfectlyOrganised, I quickly became interested in minimalism, reducing waste, and my impact on the planet. […]

The Benefits Of Living With Less In A Busy World

What are the benefits of living with less, when we live in such a busy world? If you’re not a minimalist and have no desire to live as one, there are still enormous benefits to be gained from living with less. A Lifestyle Choice Minimalism may be a lifestyle choice […]