The Simple Way to Live a Simpler Life

Are you looking to live a more simple life this year? It may seem an easy thing – you just start living simply, right? But it takes time and effort to change the way we live and there is no overnight fix. What Does Living a Simple Life Look Like? […]

Can More Meaningful Gifts Lead to a Simpler Christmas?

Can giving more meaningful gifts lead to a simpler Christmas for you? What does ‘more meaningful’ entail? It’s no great surprise that many people will struggle to buy gifts this year. Finding an alternative method of giving could be just what you need to experience a less stressful, more meaningful, […]

How to Make a Stand Against Fast Fashion With Preworn

If the effects of fast fashion trouble you and you’d like to do more in the fight against climate change, consider making a stand against it by buying your fashion from Preworn. Preworn’s mission is to help clean up the fashion industry, by making sustainable fashion available to everyone. When […]

10 Simple Daily Pleasures & They’re All Free

Here are 10 simple daily pleasures, things we can hopefully all choose to enjoy and appreciate, and best of all – they’re all free. What would you add? We’d love if you share this on social media 😊 – speaking of which, are you following us on Pinterest? Click here […]

Decluttering Pt 1: Some of the Important Ways it Can Benefit Us

What is decluttering and what are some of the important ways it can benefit us? Decluttering, in a nutshell, is the process of ridding ourselves of unnecessary items in our lives. It isn’t just about removing physical items though. We also need to remove digital clutter, and people who may […]